Sicily explained: garbage

I start a new blog serie with this post: Sicily explained.

Most of non Italian people visiting Sicily are unable to understand what stay behind. My goal is to provide a guide to those people.

Garbage! It’s everywhere. Every public space is invaded with waste paper, dog shit, weed. Why? The most simple explanation is Sicilians are dirty people. Wrong! Sicilians are the most clean people living on Earth so why the place where they live is so dirty? “What is not mine I don’t care”. That is a tipical Sicilian person’s thought. If something is not mine I simply don’t care, if I don’t care why I have to keep it clean? It is more simple use it as I like. To keep clean is very hard.. I mean if I have some waste paper in my hand, let’s say a paper towel dirty of ice cream, it’s more simple to throw it away insted of looking for a trash. At home, the very same person who act that way has a floor so clean you can literally eat on it.

The explanation is this: what is outside is not mine and I don’t care, what is inside my home is  mine and it represents me.